Best Disco Party Outfit Ideas for a Fun Night Out

Get ready to step back in time and sparkle under the disco ball! Disco party outfits are making a comeback, and we’re here to help you embrace the vibrant fashion trends of the 70s. In addition, we will not only present examples of disco outfits from that era but also demonstrate how to create a modern interpretation.

From metallics, bold colors and prints to funky accessories, we’ll guide you through the best disco party outfit ideas.

Key Takeaways

  • Create your unique disco outfits with bold colors, daring patterns and statement accessories for a memorable disco party look.
  • Elevate the classic 70s fashion with modern twists like faux fur coats or metallic accents.
  • Achieve an eye-catching look by accessorizing with platform shoes, headbands and wigs to complete your outfit.

Essentials of the Disco Outfits

Disco music and fashion brought people together and gave them the freedom to experiment with diverse patterns, textures, and styles. Some key elements of disco fashion include:

  • Mixing and matching various patterns like stripes and florals, plaids and stripes, and even tie-dye clothing featuring bold, asymmetrical patterns and bright colors
  • Unique silhouettes with sequins and metallics
  • Bold accessories
  • Platform shoes

  • Basic structure: Metallic monochrome gown with delicate bluish and pink iridescence.
  • Accessories: Patterned clutch with similar blue colors as the gown. Jewelry can consist of various colors, such as black or gold earrings, or red lips and nails.
  • Footwear: Patterned blue mules of the same shade and a similar sequin structure as the clutch.
  • Aesthetics: A crucial point to note is that repeated elements create unity in your outfit.
  1. Galvan London: Frieze Iridescent Gown
  2. Judith Leiber: Couture Whip It Clutch
  3. Christian Louboutin: Me Dolly 100 mm Crystal-Embellished Mules

Retro-Inspired Outfits for Women

Women can choose from a wide array of options such as jumpsuits, flared pants, and mini dresses, all boasting vibrant prints and shades. Each of these iconic 70s outfits provides a unique and fashionable way to channel the disco era.


In the 70s, jumpsuits were a popular choice among women attending disco parties. These one-piece wonders were characterized by wide legs, bold prints, and vibrant colors, making them a perfect choice for a night out under the disco ball.

Today, you can find a variety of jumpsuits online, ranging from vintage-inspired designs to modern interpretations of the classic 70s style. Complement your jumpsuit with statement jewelry and high-platform heels.

  • Basic structure: Metallic patterned jumpsuit with 70s disco elements – V-neck and scarf, wide belt on the waist, and puffed sleeves.
  • Accessories: A patterned purple clutch creates a beautiful color combination with the gray jumpsuit.
  • Footwear: Monochrome metallic pumps.
  • Bonus: The star embellishments on the clutch are perfect for recreating the disco mood. You can choose delicate star earrings to complete this outfit.
  1. Oscar de la Renta: Tie-Neck Silk-Blend Plissé-Lamé Jumpsuit
  2. Judith Leiber: Couture Galaxy Clutch
  3. Ferragamo: Side Bow 85 Pumps
  • Basic structure: Metallic patterned bright emerald halterneck jumpsuit.
  • Accessories: Black clutch with star embellishments.
  • Footwear: Solid black mules.
  1. Elie Saab: Sequined Silk-Blend Halterneck Jumpsuit
  2. Aquazzura: Starlight Clutch
  3. Aquazzura: Crystal Macaron Mules

Flared Pants

Flared pants, such as bell bottoms, elephant bells, and flared jeans, were a staple of disco fashion. Often showcasing bold prints, including floral prints, and colors, these pants made a statement on the dance floor and were frequently paired with patterned bustier tops.

  • Basic structure: Solid metallic gold wide-leg pants in a combination with finely embellished silver bustier top.
  • Accessories: Silver-colored embellished clutch.
  • Footwear: Both gold and silver heels are suitable.
  • Aesthetics: Create more volume in the upper body, for example, with a denim jacket or faux-fur coat.
  1. Costarellos: Gabra Bustier Top
  2. Gabriela Hearst: Vesta Metallic Leather Wide-Leg Pants
  3. Jimmy Choo: Cloud Clutch
  • Basic structure: Plissé bright green wide-leg pants with a metallic sheen in combination with a bustier top in golden, orange, and yellow shades. Repetitive colors create the integrity of the outfit.
  • Accessories: Solid gold-tone clutch.
  • Footwear: Crystal-embellished gold pumps add visual interest to the outfit.
  • Markarian: Cassandra Top
  • Galvan: Nuage Plissé-Crepe Flared Pants
  • Jimmy Choo: Diamond Box Clutch
  • René Caovilla: Carrie 80 Pumps

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses in bold prints and bright colors were a fun and flirty option for disco parties. Body-fitted mini-skirt styles were a popular choice during the 70s.

For a disco party today consider sparkly sequin numbers, draped silhouettes, or bodycon minis.

  • Basic structure: Dark blue mini dress with disco elements – galaxy-like silver embellishments and wide sleeves.
  • Accessories: A monochrome gold clutch creates an eye-catching color combination with the navy mini dress.
  • Footwear: Crystal-embellished gold sandals with thick stripes give more volume to the lower part of the body (this can also be achieved with platform heels, but chunky elements are a more modern and comfortable approach if you don’t want to wear high heels).
  1. Clio Peppiatt: Pendant Mini Dress
  2. Jimmy Choo: Diamond Box Clutch
  3. Cult Gaia: Rue Sandals
  • Basic structure: Paco Rabanne’s classic chainmail mini dress is an inseparable icon of the disco era.
  • Accessories: Since the dress is patterned, choose solid accessories in colors that match the dress – yellow, orange, and blue.
  • Shoes: Solid matte silver platforms.
  1. Paco Rabanne: Chainmail Mini Dress
  2. Gianvito Rossi: 70 Holly Metallic Platform Pumps
  • Basic structure: As an alternative to a mini dress, you can choose a combination of a pencil skirt and a bustier top. We chose both with small silver embellishments.
  • Accessories: 13BC comes from a Saudi Arabian design house, and they create metal clutches with Art-Deco elements that are perfect for a disco theme. For the rest of the jewelry, choose similar colors and patterns as seen in the clutch.
  • Footwear: Solid orange or black heels.
  1. Costarellos: Gabra Bustier Top
  2. 16Arlington: Wile Sequined Stretch-Tulle Midi Skirt
  3. 13BC: The Discovery Clutch

Modern Twists on Classic Disco Styles

To infuse your disco outfit with a modern spin, think about blending in some contemporary trends. Some ways to update classic disco styles include:

  • Combining futuristic metallics and neon colors
  • Adding faux fur coats and corduroy for a touch of modern glamour
  • Incorporating metallic accents into your unique-shaped accessories like bags and jewelry

  • Basic structure: Futuristic iridescent gown with long sleeves.
  • Accessories: A combination with a purple/pink/orange/yellow uniquely shaped clutch with a metal handle.
  • Footwear: Embellished heel satin mules in a neon pink shade.
  1. Galvan London: Frieze Iridescent Gown
  2. Aquazzura: Purist Mini Pouch
  3. The Attico: Luz Satin Mules

  • Basic structure: A modern aesthetic can be created with a monochrome look. We chose a sequined slip dress.
  • Accessories: Solid gold clutch.
  • Shoes: Modern chunky gold mules with stripes, as seen in the Cult Gaia and Bottega Veneta collections.
  1. Oséree Sequined Mesh Maxi Slip Dress
  2. Jimmy Choo: Diamond Box Clutch
  3. Cult Gaia: Rue Sandals

Disco Party Outfits for Different Occasions

You can modify disco party outfits to suit different occasions, ranging from laid-back gatherings to more elegant events. For instance, a metallic or sequinned top with flared jeans or leather pants can create a fashionable look suitable for a variety of events.

On the other hand, if you’re attending a more sophisticated event, consider incorporating an embellished leather jacket in black.

For a fun night out with friends, consider coordinating your outfits in different colors, like pairing bright patterned dresses with matching headbands and accessorizing with hoops and glasses. Remember, the key to a perfect disco party outfit lies in its versatility.

  • Basic structure: We chose an ABBA-inspired outfit with a kaftan featuring a metallic sheen and disco-ball imitation decorations on the neck and waist.
  • Accessories: Silver tote imitating dress decorations.
  • Shoes: Silver heels.
  1. Dima Ayad: Sequined Kaftan
  2. Judith Leiber: Disco Crystal-Embellished Silver-Tone Tote
  3. Cult Gaia: Ada Metallic Mules

Accessorizing Your Disco Look

Adding accessories to your disco outfit is key in pulling together your overall look. For example, a wide embellished belt can add some sparkle to your outfit, drawing attention to your waist and enhancing your silhouette. In addition to statement belts, consider adding headbands, oversized colored retro sunglasses, and wigs to your disco look.

Platform Shoes: Elevate Your Style

Platform shoes, available in styles from two-toned shoes to vibrant boots, were a go-to choice for disco parties in the 70s. Today, you can find a variety of platform shoes, including disco-inspired designs from Amina Muaddi, Christian Louboutin, and Gianvito Rossi.

Whether your choice is platform sandals, boots, or sneakers, the perfect pair of shoes can elevate or undermine your disco outfit. Invest in a stylish and comfortable pair of platform shoes that will keep you dancing all night long.

Disco Hairstyles and Makeup Tips

To authentically represent the disco spirit, it’s important to focus on your hair and makeup. Voluminous hair, bold eyeshadow, and statement lip colors are the key elements of a disco-ready look.

Consider styles such as disco curls or large waves, as well as exaggeratedly voluminous African hairstyles. When it comes to makeup, experiment with vibrant eyeshadow colors, dramatic eyeliner, and statement lip shades that complement your outfit. By paying attention to both your hair and makeup, you’ll create a cohesive and captivating disco look that’s sure to turn heads.


In conclusion, disco party outfits offer a unique and exciting opportunity to embrace the vibrant fashion trends of the 70s. With bold colors, eye-catching patterns, and unique silhouettes, you can create an ensemble perfect for any disco-themed event.

Whether you’re rocking a retro-inspired jumpsuit, flared pants, or a mini dress, don’t forget to accessorize your look with statement belts, oversized jewelry, and platform shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to a disco party?

For a disco party, consider wearing shimmering or sequined attire like a metallic top paired with flared pants or a jumpsuit. Platform shoes or boots and bold accessories can enhance the retro vibe. Opt for vibrant colors and textures to embody the disco spirit.

How do you make an outfit look disco?

To give an outfit a disco flair, incorporate elements like shimmer, sequins, or metallic fabrics into your attire. Consider such silhouettes as flared pants or mini lengths. Platform shoes and accessories like bold jewelry and bags are also important for completing the look.

How to dress for a 70s theme party?

Go for a sequinned jumpsuit, halter tops, corduroy flares or bell-bottom jeans to dress for a 70s theme party.

How can I incorporate modern trends into classic disco styles?

Modernize classic disco styles by incorporating faux fur, metallic accents, and corduroy platform shoes into your outfit.

What are some popular disco hairstyles and makeup tips?

Achieve the classic disco style with voluminous hair, bold eyeshadow, and a statement lip color.

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