How to Select Capsule Wardrobe Shoes

Do you find yourself frustrated when trying to choose shoes for your capsule wardrobe? It can be difficult to know what style and color will work best with the clothes you’ve chosen.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to choose capsule wardrobe shoes. We’ll also show you some examples of stylish shoes that will complement any outfit!

Let’s take a journey through the various types of shoes for every season and learn what to consider when selecting footwear that best suits your needs.

What are the different types of shoes for autumn and winter?

Knee Boots

Knee boots are great for autumn and winter, as they keep your legs warm and cozy while still looking stylish. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making them incredibly versatile.

When selecting knee boots, opt for a style with a pointed toe, heel, and slim boot leg to visually stretch your legs. To add some visual appeal to your look, try fashionable shades like burgundy, beige, or white. Knee boots look stylish not only with pants but also with skirts and dresses.

  1. Gianvito Rossi: Hansen 85 mm Burgundy Leather Knee Boots
  2. Aeyde: Viv 75 mm Neutral Leather Knee Boots
  3. Bottega Veneta: Veneta White Leather Knee Boots

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a timeless classic that can be worn year-round. You’ll find many variations of ankle boots, such as heeled or flat, black or brown, suede or leather, and so on. To make them perfect for your capsule wardrobe, pick a classic, sleek leather ankle boot in a neutral color.

Ankle boots are versatile and go well with trousers of various cuts, as well as with skirts and dresses.

  1. Christian Louboutin: So Kate 85 mm Black Leather Ankle Boots
  2. Stuart Weitzman: Stuart 75 Suede Taupe Ankle Boots (Similar)
  3. By Far: Este 30 mm Off-White Leather Ankle Boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a trendy and stylish option for any season. These boots feature elastic inserts on the sides that allow you to put them on and take them off quickly. They help create a more edgy style.

  1. Proenza Schouler: White Textured-Leather Chelsea Boots
  2. Isabel Marant: Castay Black Leather Chelsea Boots
  3. 3.1 Phillip Lim: Kate Cream Leather Chelsea Boots

Combat Ankle Boots

Combat ankle boots are on-trend right now and look great with jeans or dresses. To keep it simple and timeless, choose black leather combat boots that can be easily dressed up or down.

  1. Saint Laurent: Army Black Leather Ankle Boots
  2. Gianvito Rossi: Foster 45 mm Black Leather Ankle Boots
  3. Loro Piana: Regent Neutral Cashmere and Leather Ankle Boots

Rubber Rain Boots

Rain boots are a must-have in any capsule wardrobe, especially if you live in a rainy area. They will keep your feet warm and dry as well as add an element of fun to your look.

Winter Boots

For winter boots, you should choose a style with thick insulation and waterproof materials. Look for options that are fur-lined or have faux fur trim to add extra warmth and coziness while still looking fashionable.

If you like winter fun in the snow, your shoe collection can’t do without snow boots.

  1. Gabriela Hearst: Aidan Cashmere-Paneled Dark Brown Leather Boots
  2. Gianvito Rossi: Vancouver Camel Suede Ankle Boots
  3. Bogner: La Plagne Logo-Print Rubber-Trimmed White Shell Snow Boots

What are the different types of shoes for spring and summer?


Pumps are easily identifiable due to their iconic silhouette of a pointed toe, both closed toes, and an enclosed heel (the back can be covered completely or feature an ankle strap).

They are perfect for a professional look or for dressing up an outfit. To keep it classic and timeless, choose beige or black pumps in leather or suede.

  1. Gianvito Rossi: 85 mm Black Leather Slingback Pumps
  2. Gianvito Rossi: Gianvito 85 mm White Satin Pumps
  3. Christian Louboutin: Kate 85 mm Patent-Leather Beige Pumps

For a special occasion, opt for pumps with embellishments or metallics.

  1. Jimmy Choo: Aurelie 85 mm Faux Pearl-Embellished Patent-Leather White Pumps
  2. Jennifer Chamandi: Vittorio 105 mm Crystal-Embellished Glittered Leather Slingback Pumps
  3. Gianvito Rossi: Gianvito 105 mm Metallic Gold Leather Pumps

Pumps with a thick heel and round toe are also great for adding some comfortable style to your wardrobe.

  1. Christian Louboutin: Miss Jane 55 mm Black Patent-Leather Slingback Pumps
  2. Gucci: Baby 75 mm Horsebit-Detailed Neutral Leather Slingback Pumps


The following image showcases the definition of a mule in one glance. While the toes can be both opened and closed, the heel remains open at all times.

Mules are perfect not only for a more relaxed and casual look but also for special occasions. Choose mules with embellishments or a striped pattern to give your outfit a unique twist.

  1. Malone Souliers: Frida 70 mm Cord-Trimmed Beige Leather Mules
  2. Malone Souliers: Maisie 45 mm Cord-Trimmed Cream Leather Mules
  3. Malone Souliers: Maisie Cort-Trimmed Cream Leather Mules
  1. Aquazzura: Micca 75 mm Crystal-Embellished Black Leather Mules
  2. Manolo Blahnik: Lutara 105 mm Crystal-Embellished Neutral Satin Mules
  3. Aquazzura: Moondust 50 mm Crystal-Embellished Neutral Leather Mules


Sandals provide an effortless, feminine look that is comfortable to wear in the summertime. The toes of the sandals are open. For a casual look, choose neutral beige leather colors. A thin heel makes your legs appear slimmer, while a thicker one offers greater comfort.

Elevate your dance night in style with special occasion sandals! From glistening gold shades to shimmering embellishments and beaded details, these classic shoes will take your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

  1. Manolo Blahnik: Callasli 90 mm Gold Leather Slingback Sandals
  2. Jimmy Choo: Azia 95 mm Glittered Satin Sandals
  3. Gianvito Rossi: 105 mm Crystal-Embellished Beige Leather Sandals


Loafers are a classic shoe style that has been around for centuries. They come in an array of materials, from leather to velvet, and usually feature tassels or other decorative details on the top.

For a comfortable yet professional look, opt for loafers in neutral colors like black or brown. Loafers with a flat sole look great when paired with pants and dresses.

  1. Valentino: Valentino Garavani Logo-Embellished Black Leather Loafers
  2. Gucci: Marmon Logo-Embellished Quilted Black Leather Loafers
  3. Aquazzura: Martin Grosgrain-Trimmed Black Suede Loafers


Flats are a great way to stay comfortable while still looking fashionable. They come in different versions, from ballet flats to pointed-toe styles.

For a summer look, choose canvas or suede flats in bright colors For a more classic look, opt for black or brown.

  1. Maison Margiela: Tabi Split-Toe Black Leather Flats
  2. Roger Vivier: Trompette D’Orsay Black Leather Ballet Flats
  3. Bottega Veneta: Cream Leather Ballet Flats


Espadrilles are perfect for a casual, relaxed summery style. They come in both flat and heeled varieties and can be found in various colors and prints.

When selecting espadrilles, consider the material as well. Canvas espadrilles are lightweight and breathable, while leather ones offer a more classic look.

Espadrilles look great with loose summer dresses and skirts.

  1. Castañer: Chiara 80 mm Canvas Wedge Ivory Espadrilles
  2. Saint Laurent: Tribute 135 mm White Woven Leather Espadrilles
  3. Jimmy Choo: Dellena 100 mm Metallic Leather Espadrilles


Slides are a modern and comfortable option for summer. They feature wide straps that go across the vamp, with no enclosed heel. They usually have some kind of embellishment or texture in the center of the vamp, making them more interesting.

  1. Saint Laurent: Tribute White Woven Leather Slides
  2. Brunello Cucinelli: Bead-Embellished Beide Leather Slides
  3. Staud: Nevil Asymmetric Cream Leather Slides


Choose clogs with thick soles, preferably made from natural materials such as wood or cork. You can find them in various colors and prints, including classic black or brown.

  1. Aeyde: Bobbie 55 mm Studded Cream Leather Platform Clogs
  2. Loeffler Randall: Lupa 55 mm Braided Tan Leather Clogs
  3. Alaïa: 50 mm Studded Laser-Cut Neutral Leather Clogs


Every capsule wardrobe needs at least two pairs of sneakers. Opt for classic light sneakers to give your casual jeans outfit a stylish twist, or take it up a notch with chunky oversize kicks for an edgier look.

  1. Alexander McQueen: White Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers
  2. APL Athletic Propulsion Labs: McLaren Souffle Sockliner White Mesh Sneakers (Similar)
  3. Givenchy: City Sport White Leather Sneakers

Slides, Flip-Flops, Diving Boots

These shoes are perfect for a beach or pool day. They keep your feet comfortable and fresh while you’re enjoying the sun and sand.

It is very practical to have diving shoes on the beach. With them, you won’t have to worry about sharp pebbles in the water or a slippery stone surface.

  1. Khaite: Brighton Cream Rubber Slides
  2. Bottega Veneta: Embossed Black Rubber Slides
  3. The Row: Ginza Two-Tone White Leather Platform Flip-Flops
  4. The Row: Rubber-Trimmed Scuba Black Ankle Boots

How to choose capsule wardrobe shoes?

With a shoe capsule wardrobe, your goal is to achieve a perfectly balanced combination of easy-to-match timeless style, function, and comfort. It is also essential to ensure that the pair of shoes you purchase are not only easy to maintain but also durable and reasonably priced.

Capsule wardrobe shoes for autumn and summer

Dry surfaces

If you travel to work by car and you don’t have to step through snowdrifts in the city, it is probably enough to put a fur insole in your shoes in colder weather. Don’t forget to size up when buying shoes, since they may shrink upon the addition of an insole. For optimal results, bring your wool insole and test how it fits with or without the insert.

In such conditions, you can choose shoes with a slightly higher heel, but consider how long you will wear them during the day.

Your capsule wardrobe could have two pairs of ankle boots and a pair of knee boots.

Snow and slippery surfaces

Footwear looks completely different in snowy conditions and slippery surfaces. Opt for minimal heels or a pair of flats with traction-ready soles for maximum comfort and stability.

If you’re going for a timeless look this winter, opt for knee boots with fur. Want something edgier? Chelsea and combat boots are the way to go. Remember to impregnate shoe leather regularly. As much as possible, avoid suede in wet weather because salts cause stains that won’t easily come off.

If you’re looking for a classic winter look, why not try two pairs of knee-high boots in different colors with fur lining? Or if you want to make a statement, Chelsea or combat boots would be ideal options. Having at least two pairs is always recommended – just in case one gets wet and needs drying!

If you’re a fan of outdoor walking, then rubber rain shoes are the perfect choice for your adventures. Not only do they protect against moisture and dirt, but they are easy to maintain.

And, of course, if you like snow activities, you will probably need snow, ski boots, and/or skates.

Capsule wardrobe shoes for spring and summer

How many pairs of shoes you need in your capsule wardrobe depends upon your priorities and interests.

Pumps, mules, and sandals are part of the same family with one subtle distinction – pumps offer more coverage due to their enclosed toes and heels making them ideal formal wear while mules and sandals provide a bit less formality suitable for summer weather.

You’ll probably want one pair of pumps or loafers for the work environment and one pair of mules or sandals for everyday wear. For special events, one pair of shoes from this family is usually enough to start with.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, summery style, go with the comfort and chic of slides, clogs, or flats. Pick your favorite pair as a starting point.

A summer outfit is unthinkable without sneakers. Pick a pair that works with multiple looks, and you won’t go wrong. The sneaker trend will never go away and you can use it to make an edgy statement or keep it classic with all-white sneakers.

Espadrilles add a touch of sophistication to your summer wardrobe, but if they’re not your thing you don’t have to keep them in your capsule wardrobe.

And of course beach skis, flip-flops, and diving shoes. Flip-flops are a necessary part of the capsule wardrobe, and all others are optional.


If you want your capsule shoe wardrobe to be a success, the proper selection of shoes is essential. In this article, we got acquainted with the major types of footwear for each season and what features make them stand out.

When constructing your ideal shoe collection for a capsule wardrobe ensure that they are made from natural leather in neutral colors – combining both comfort and style. Remember to take your time when shopping for shoes and always consider the weather conditions.

Featured image by Nadin Sh.

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