How to Style Alexander McQueen Sneakers for Every Occasion

In recent years, Alexander McQueen sneakers have gained popularity and become one of the most fashionable shoes. These sneakers are recognizable by the exaggerated sole and different color combinations.

We discovered a variety of Alexander McQueen shoes and created several categories of outfits with them – casual, sporty, denim, and for special occasions. Below you will find ideas on how to style Alexander McQueen sneakers.

How to wear Alexander McQueen sneakers every day?

Tennis-like outfit with pink motifs

In this outfit, we wanted to replicate the pink leather motif found in the sneakers in the clothes. We chose a knitted bright-colored sweater and a pleated mini skirt. Opt for a neutral-toned shoulder bag to finish off the look.

  1. Gucci: Wool-Jacquard Pink and Green Sweater
  2. Reformation: Pleated White Mini Skirt (Similar)
  3. Alexander McQueen: Pink Croc-Effect Trimmed Exaggerated-Sole White Leather Sneakers

Whites and yellows

Building on the color scheme of Alexander McQueen sneakers, we constructed an outfit that includes yellow high-waisted shorts and a ruffled white top. To pull it together, accessorize with pink accents for a cohesive look.

  1. Adam Lippes: One-Shoulder Ruffled Cotton-Poplin White Top
  2. Petar Petrov: Gisa Pleated Yellow Leather Shorts
  3. Alexander McQueen: Sprint Runner Appliquéd Beige Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers

Sneakers with light blue accents

For this outfit, we echoed the light blue accents with a midi shirt dress of the same hue. To give it an extra element of depth, we added a beige cardigan as our second layer.

We recommend a silk scarf with yellow accents to pair with the sneakers in the color scheme. You can wear a silk scarf around your neck or decorate a neutral-colored shoulder bag.

  1. Brunello Cucinelli: Cable-Knit Alpaca and Cotton-Blend Beige Cardigan
  2. Stella McCartney: Pinstriped Light Blue Cotton Shirt Dress
  3. Alexander McQueen: Sprint Runner Appliquéd Pastel Yellow and Off-White Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers

Glittered sneakers and a dress

To illustrate how to pair glittered white sneakers with a dress, we selected a midi-length dress. We added extra charm with the light green vest. Finally, Alexander McQueen’s glittery sneakers give the outfit playfulness.

Complete the outfit with a light pink or yellow handbag to match the colors of the dress and give the overall outfit a warm undertone.

  1. Arch4: Margot Light Green Cashmere Vest
  2. Adam Lippes: Floral-Print Cotton-Blend Twill Off-White Midi Dress
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered White Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers

Colorful vest with glittered sneakers

The white base of this ensemble serves as a canvas for the colorful knitted vest. Alexander McQueen trainers then beautifully complete the look with the glittered white leather.

Ensure that the handbag or backpack you pick coordinates with the color of your vest – opt for something more muted than bright. Having too many competing colors in your ensemble will create an imbalance and detract from its overall look.

  1. Safiyaa: Alexa Ivory Stretch-Crepe Flared Pants
  2. The Elder Statesman: Vista Striped Multi-Colored Cashmere Vest
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered White Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers

How to style Alexander McQueen sneakers for sports?

Mesh sneakers

White sneakers with mesh are perfect for sports, as they allow the skin to breathe. We mixed two staple colors – black and white, as well as red and yellow. Pay attention to how each shade is repeated throughout the outfit in various garments or shoes for a cohesive look.

Visually, the sweatshirt and sneakers are oversized and this creates a counterweight to the narrow leggings.

This outfit is perfect for running outside.

  1. The Upside: Ombré Ribbed Stretch Recycled-Knit 7/8 Red Leggings
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren: Embroidered Black Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt
  3. Alexander McQueen: Sprint Runner Embossed Glittered-Mesh and Leather Exaggerated-Sole White Sneakers

How to wear Alexander McQueen sneakers with denim?

White sneakers with blue jeans

We wanted to present a classic style of light blue jeans and all-white sneakers. To take it one step further, we then added a bright green waist-accentuating jacket. Its design includes a white stripe that complements the Alexander McQueen shoes.

There are endless possibilities for matching white sneakers with denim. In this example, the Alexander McQueen sneakers have an exaggerated sole, so they are best suited with high-waisted wide-leg or flared jeans.

For a different look with light blue jeans, change the green jacket to a black leather jacket. A denim jacket would also work but it should be in alternate colors like white or brown.

  1. Ahluwalia: Lagos Belted Lyocell and Cotton Green Jacket
  2. The Row: Eglitta Boyfriend Light Blue Jeans
  3. Alexander McQueen: White Leather Sneakers

How to style Alexander McQueen sneakers for a special occasion?

Sweater dress and white sneakers

In this example, we illustrate how to combine a slightly more formal outfit with a sweater dress and a gray blazer, and sneakers. The answer is simple – sneakers have a dark gray-silver stripe, which creates visual harmony with a dark gray blazer.

Choose a patent leather shoulder bag, preferably white or off-white, to add an extra elegant touch.

  1. Joseph: Luxe Cardigan Stitch Ribbed Cotton Wool and Cashmere-Blend Beige Midi Dress
  2. Saint Laurent: Wool and Silk-Blend Dark Gray Tweed Blazer
  3. Alexander McQueen: Dark Gray Metallic-Trimmed Exaggerated-Sole White Sneakers

Black glittered sneakers and blue hues

To create a timeless and sophisticated look, we opted for an amalgamation of classic black and light blue. We paired a silky black camisole with high-waisted wide-leg light blue pants, then finished off the ensemble with glimmering black sneakers.

A yellow patterned handbag could give the ensemble a warm accent. We also imagine that gold jewelry could perform a similar function.

  1. Khaite: Strannly Wool-Blend Wide-Leg Light Blue Pants
  2. The Row: Biggins Silk-Satin Black Camisole
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered Black Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers

Leather skirt and glittered sneakers

For a contemporary style, we combined a navy blue midi leather skirt with a ruffled one-shoulder white blouse. To add a further dimension to the look, Alexander McQueen sneakers were incorporated for a perfect combination of edge and sophistication.

  1. Adam Lippes: One-Shoulder Ruffled Cotton-Poplin White Top
  2. Cefinn: Tiana Navy Leather Midi Skirt
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered Black Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers

Gray culottes with metallic sneakers

This outfit is one of the favorites in the entire collection. High-waisted dark gray culottes go well with a white one-shoulder blouse. Alexander McQueen sneakers have a metallic shade and give the ensemble a few notes of modernity in addition to elegance.

A monochrome handbag of any warm color will perfectly complement this outfit.

  1. Adam Lippes: One-Shoulder Ruffled Cotton-Poplin White Top
  2. Huishan Zhang: Martina Gray Tweed Culottes (Similar)
  3. Alexander Mcqueen: Exaggerated-Sole Metallic Leather Sneakers (Similar)

What is so special about Alexander McQueen sneakers?

Alexander McQueen shoes stand out for their quality, modern design, and wide selection. They are made from high-quality materials and feature unique aesthetics, like exaggerated soles and glitter finishes. With a diverse selection of sizes and styles, Alexander McQueen sneakers make for an excellent addition to any ensemble.


In this article, we discussed how to wear Alexander McQueen sneakers. Thanks to their quality construction, variety of colors, and interesting design details, they are suitable for both everyday outfits and special occasions.

Several rules will make it easier to create different outfits. Exaggerated soles must be visually balanced with other clothes.

If you want to create a larger lower part of the body – choose high-waisted wide-leg pants or shorts (mini to maxi skirt would also work). Then the upper wear should be more fitted, for example, a shirt, blouse, or turtleneck.

Conversely, if you chose a more fitted sweater or shirt dress, create the second layer with a chunky sweater, blazer, or trench coat.

When selecting your Alexander McQueen sneakers, not only should you prioritize comfort but also color. The colors of the shoes should closely match other components of your outfit. As noted from our samples, white shoes or ones with dark gray stripes tend to be the most flexible options when it comes to styling choices.

Featured image by Cottonbro Studio.

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