17 Jewellery Styling Tips: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to accessorizing, jewellery is one of the most important things you can wear. It can add style and personality to any outfit, and help you look your best.

In this article, we will discuss 17 jewellery tips you need to know. Whether you’re looking for a new way to style your old pieces, or just need some advice on how to start building a jewelry collection, read on for the best tips!

Step-by-Step Instructions on Jewelry Styling Tips

1. Get inspired by designers, celebrities and street-style

Copy how they wear their favorite pieces and adapt the looks to your taste. It is best to create a portfolio of ideas you like and then search purposefully.

Start with the basics – a versatile pair of earrings, a great necklace, and a bracelet or two.

These are key pieces that can be dressed up or down and will go with any outfit. From there, you can start to experiment with different pieces and looks.

2. Start with jewelry slowly

Your sense of taste evolves, so there’s no need to invest in high-end jewellery immediately. Instead, focus on finding well-made pieces and build your collection slowly. As it grows slowly, you can experiment with different looks and styles. When in doubt, keep it simple. Less is often more when it comes to jewelry. A few well-chosen pieces can make a significant impact.

Review your jewellery collection regularly to see what pieces you have and identify any gaps. This way, you can keep your jewelry fresh and stylish.

3. Think about the occasion

When choosing jewellery, always keep the occasion in mind. If you’re going to a formal event, opt for something more sophisticated. If you’re hanging out with friends, you can have fun with more casual pieces.

4. Choose the right materials

Some jewelry is better than others in terms of material quality and how long the piece will last. Sterling silver, gold, and platinum are all good choices for durable jewellery.

If you have sensitive skin, go with 14k or 18k gold, sterling silver, or platinum. These metals won’t irritate as much. If you’re looking to save money, steel or titanium would be your best option cost-wise.

5. Take care of your jewelry

Proper care will extend the life of your jewelry. Store pieces in individual bags or boxes to prevent them from scratching each other. Clean them regularly with a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower or while swimming. Take off your jewellery before going to bed.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-white-dress-with-gold-crown-8193712/

6. Earrings should complement your face

Consider your facial features when picking earrings. For example, those with round faces should look for earrings that are longer than they are wide. Or, if you have a square face, try hoop earrings or studs instead. If your face is on the small side, go for dainty earrings.

Your earrings should also complement your skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, choose silver or white gold. If you have a warm skin tone, choose yellow or rose gold.

7. Choose the right necklace length

The length of your necklace should be based on the neckline of your shirt or dress. If you’re wearing a high neckline, opt for a shorter necklace. If you’re wearing a low neckline, go for a longer necklace. And if you’re wearing a strapless dress, choose a statement necklace.

Have a few necklaces of varying lengths so that you can adapt to the appropriate outfit each time.

8. Select bracelets and rings that fit you well

There should be about half an inch of space between the bracelet and your wrist when choosing bracelets.

Rings shouldn’t just look good–they should also feel good and not get in the way of normal hand movement. Get your finger sized at a jewellery store before buying rings so that they fit properly.

9. Pay attention to the jewelry clasps

The clasp is an important but often overlooked part of the jewellery. Make sure that the clasps are secure and not easy to open. If you’re concerned about losing your jewelry, choose pieces with locking clasps.

10. Decide the focal point of your overall look

Your clothing choices and jewelry should always complement each other. To avoid looking overdone, pick more subdued jewellery to pair with a statement dress.

However, you can also make a basic outfit more interesting by accessorizing it with bolder jewellery. Just make sure to choose your focal point piece wisely, whether it’s a necklace or earrings. Everything else should revolve around that one standout item.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-holding-her-white-lace-dress-8193714/

11. Repetitive colors and patterns or contrasts

Repeating colors or patterns is a good way to tie your look together. For example, if you’re wearing a blue scarf, you could choose a bracelet or earrings that also have blue accents. Or, you can go for contrasting colors to create more visual interest. If you have a black dress, try pairing it with silver or white gold jewelry.

12. Layer your jewelry

One way to add interest to your look is to layer different pieces of jewelry. Try layering different necklace lengths or pairing a bracelet with a watch.

13. Don’t forget about your hair and makeup

Your hair and makeup should also be taken into consideration when choosing jewelry. If you’re wearing your hair up, opt for dainty earrings or a statement necklace. If you’re going for a natural look, keep your jewelry simple.

14. Don’t forget about your hands

Your hands are just as important as your neck and face when it comes to accessorizing. Choose rings, bracelets, and watches that complement your outfit. And don’t forget to get your nails done.

15. Wear original jewelry pieces

One of the best ways to make a statement with your jewellery is to wear original pieces. Whether you’re wearing a vintage necklace or a pair of handmade earrings, unique and good-quality jewelry always stands out.

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-and-women-in-white-clothing-8193562/

16. Expand your horizons

Don’t be afraid to try new things when it comes to jewelry. Remember that in addition to earrings, necklaces, and rings, there are also hair accessories, arm jewelry, brooches, and so on.

17. Be confident

The most important thing is to be confident in your choices. Wear what makes you feel good and don’t be afraid to experiment.

How to Clean Your Jewelry?

To clean your jewelry, simply mix a mild soap with warm water and soak your pieces for a few minutes. After that, use a soft cloth to wipe them down. Don’t forget to dry your jewelry off afterward!

You can also use a jewelry cleaning solution, but be sure to read the instructions carefully before using it.

And if you have any delicate pieces, it’s always best to take them to a professional jeweller for cleaning.

How to Store Your Jewellery?

When it comes to storing your jewelry, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Always store your pieces in a cool and dry place.
  2. Use a soft cloth to wipe them down before storing them.
  3. Keep your jewelry away from direct sunlight.
  4. One of the best ways to store your jewelry is in a jewellery box or case. This will help keep your pieces organized and protected. Also, this way your chains won’t tangle with your bracelets.


Whether you’re looking for a new way to wear your old favorites, or just need some advice on how to start building a jewelry collection, these tips will help you find the perfect pieces for any occasion. With a little bit of thought and care, you can create looks that are both stylish and unique. Jewelry is an important part of any wardrobe, so take the time to find the right pieces for you.

Thank You for reading!

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