What to Wear with Black Pants: 15 Chic Outfit Ideas


Black pants are a timeless wardrobe staple that can effortlessly transition from casual to formal occasions with the right styling.

In this article, we have classified black trousers into five categories based on their silhouette: slim-fit, straight-leg, flared pants, wide-leg, and a special category featuring leather black trousers (we have covered black jeans in the previous article).

We have created 15 designer-inspired outfit ideas for various occasions. In addition to exploring different silhouettes and color combinations, we are also highlighting the fabrics of the selected black trousers. We believe that fabric plays an important role in not only the comfort but also the overall aesthetic of an outfit.

Our outfits are designed to inspire your creativity and help you make the most out of your black pants collection. If you’re still unsure what to wear with black pants, keep reading.

How to style black pants in a slim fit?

Light blue shirt

To create an ensemble for professional settings we have paired a light-blue linen shirt with corduroy black trousers. To accentuate the waistline, we incorporated a leather belt adorned with a golden buckle.

One key aspect of this outfit is the use of different fabrics. By incorporating linen, cotton corduroy, and leather, we have added depth and dimension to the ensemble, making it visually appealing and interesting.

For a professional look, it is essential to select classic accessories that enhance the overall aesthetic. In this instance, we recommend pairing the ensemble with a beige or burgundy-colored bag and pumps and delicate gold jewelry.

  1. Valentino Garavani: V-Logo Reversible Leather Belt
  2. Bottega Veneta: Cotton Oxford Shirt
  3. Theory: Treeca Cropped Velvet Slim-Fit Pants

Patterned top and fedora

In this ensemble, monochrome black pants create a harmonious look with a patterned top. Fedora not only adds extra warmth, but they also add style points. Take note of how the colors in the sweater are echoed in various elements of the ensemble, enhancing the overall cohesion.

This particular outfit is best suited for autumn, as the incorporation of wool ensures comfort and warmth. For the handbag and shoes, opting for beige shades would be an ideal choice.

  1. Gigi Burris: Jeanne Sateen-Trimmed Wool-Blend Felt Fedora
  2. Chloé: Intarsia Wool and Silk Top
  3. Toteme: Pleated Cropped Wool-Blend Slim-Fit Pants

How to wear straight-leg black pants?

Floral-print oversized shirt

In this outfit, we have paired black pants and a vibrant floral-print red shirt.

The silky texture of both the pants and blouse adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. While combining the same fabrics can sometimes be considered risky, the combination of monochrome and patterned elements creates a visually appealing contrast.

In terms of silhouette, pairing an oversized shirt with straight-cut pants creates an effortless and relaxed look. To further enhance the balance, opt for a smaller light green handbag. Lightweight and breathable silky clothes are an ideal choice for the warm weather.

  1. Saint Laurent: Power Knotted Leather Slides
  2. Oscar de la Renta: Oversized Printed Faille Shirt
  3. Saint Laurent: Pleated Silk Straight-Leg Pants

White shirt and a silk scarf

For a professional look, we have curated an ensemble featuring black trousers paired with a white shirt. To add a touch of elegance and visual interest, we have incorporated a silk scarf with a complementary pattern. To elevate the outfit and create a lengthening effect for the legs, we recommend opting for heeld pumps in black.

As for the handbag, we suggest choosing a burgundy, dark green, or navy blue shade to complement the monochrome palette while adding a subtle pop of color.

  1. Dior: Jardin d’Hiver 90 cm Square Silk Scarf
  2. Alaïa: Cotton-Poplin Shirt
  3. Saint Laurent: Pleated Grain de Poudre Wool Straight-Leg Pants

Black blazer and green satin pumps

Pairing straight-leg pants with a blazer of the same cut is a winning combination. In terms of fabrics, we have combined wool, cotton, and satin to add dimension and texture to the ensemble, while ensuring comfort and breathability.

When it comes to silhouette, pairing straight-leg pants with a blazer of the same cut is a winning combination. This creates a sleek and polished look that exudes confidence and sophistication. In terms of fabrics, we have combined wool, cotton, and satin to add dimension and texture to the ensemble, while ensuring comfort and breathability.

To elevate the overall look, we suggest adding a silver handbag as an accessory. In addition, incorporating white gold jewelry with dark green gemstones provides a luxurious and sophisticated accent that complements the color scheme of the outfit.

  1. Aquazzura: Gatsby 105 mm Crystal-Embellished Satin Slingback Pumps
  2. Cefinn: Jules Twill-Trimmed Cotton-Velvet Jacket
  3. Alexander McQueen: Embellished Wool Straight-Leg Pants

White vest and suede loafers

We styled a simple white vest with a pair of floral black pants. To complement the cotton outfit, we recommend opting for black suede loafers, which add a touch of sophistication. Complete the ensemble with a light yellow or purple handbag for a pop of color and added style.

  1. Aquazzura: Martin Grosgrain-Trimmed Suede Loafers
  2. Gabriela Hearst: Coleridge Vest
  3. Adam Lippes: Deeda Floral-Print Cotton Twill Straight-Leg Pants

White shirt and a chic black handbag

This ensemble is one of the favorites in this collection. We combined black cargo pants in satin with a cropped white shirt and a leather handbag decorated with gold details and zippers to create an edgy style.

Opt for a black leather jacket or a denim jacket to complement the overall look. To complete the outfit, incorporate subtle red accents like earrings or a ring. We also suggest selecting the Louboutin black pumps with high heels and red soles.

  1. Balmain: Blaze Smooth Leather Bag
  2. Frankie Shop: Uma Cropped Cotton-Poplin Shirt
  3. Frame: Satin Straight-Leg Cargo Pants

How to style black flared pants?

Pink linen shirt and black leather bag

In this monochrome ensemble, we have combined a pink linen shirt with black flared trousers for a stylish and coordinated look. The slightly puffed ends of the sleeves and pants create a visually appealing repetition of elements. Alternatively, choose a denim shirt.

To complete the outfit, we suggest opting for a quilted black leather handbag, which adds a touch of sophistication and perfectly complements the overall monochrome aesthetic.

  1. Givenchy: Medium 4G Quilted Leather Bag
  2. Gabriela Hearst: Delmer Linen Shirt
  3. Gabriela Hearst: Elia Wool and Silk Flared Pants

Black ensemble with green jewelry

When dressing for a special event, the cut and fabric of black trousers play a pivotal role. To make a statement, we recommend selecting flared or wide-leg pants made from luxurious materials like wool, silk, or a combination of both. The addition of silk in the fabric blend gives the fabric a shine, elevating the overall aesthetic of the ensemble.

We suggest pairing the pants with a top featuring puffed sleeves, creating a harmonious silhouette. For accessories, we have chosen diamond and green gemstone earrings. A silver clutch would complement the look, while dark-colored high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe, such as black or burgundy, would add an element of chic elegance.

  1. Yeprem: 18-Karat White Gold Emerald and Diamond Earrings
  2. Alexander McQueen: Gathered Cotton-Jersey Faille Peplum Blouse
  3. Chloé: Slik and Wool Flared Pants

How to create outfits with wide-leg black pants?

White and black silhouette

You can wear black pants for a special occasion. We created an ensemble featuring an off-shoulder top paired with wide-leg black trousers. To add an element of elegance, we recommend accessorizing with a wide-brimmed hat adorned with a ribbon. Complete the look with heeled shoes and incorporate subtle touches of red, such as earrings or a bracelet, to enhance the overall aesthetic.

  1. Lock & Co. Hatters: Amal Hat
  2. Safiyaa: Off-Shoulder Twist-Front Crepe Top
  3. Alexander McQueen: Pleated Wool and Silk Crepe Wide-Leg Pants

Fuchsia leather belt

To create a summery look, we have combined linen black trousers with a cotton top. To define the waistline, we suggest incorporating a bright fuchsia leather belt. Complete the outfit with black sandals for a comfortable and stylish footwear choice. To create a colorful contrast, consider using a soft green handbag that will add a refreshing touch to your outfit.

  1. Valentino Garavani: V-Logo Reversible Fuchsia Leather Belt
  2. Adam Lippes: One-Shoulder Ruffled Cotton-Poplin Top
  3. Faithfull the Brand: Circa Pleated Linen Wide-Leg Pantsx

Yellow leather shirt

Another way to add visual interest to your black pants outfit is to combine different fabrics. In our example, cotton and wool black trousers are combined with a yellow leather shirt and a metallic clutch of the same shades. Choose heeled shoes in green to create a color block.

  1. 13 BC: The Discovery Clutch
  2. Chloé: Leather Shirt
  3. Proenza Schouler: Cropped Cotton and Wool Jacquard Wide-Leg Pants

Tulle gloves

We have put together a sophisticated outfit that combines two current trends: a white blouse with puffed sleeves and ribbon details, along with long opera gloves. To enhance the style of the outfit, you could incorporate subtle red accents, such as earrings or a clutch, and pair them with high-heeled shoes.

  1. Gucci: Embroidered Tulle Gloves
  2. Batsheva: Moon Bow-Detailed Ruffled Cotton-Poplin Blouse
  3. Proenza Schouler: Wool Twill Culottes

How to style black leather pants?

Lilac sweater

A lilac sweater pairs well with black leather pants. The sweater’s puffy sleeves and the straight-leg pants’ silhouette complement each other well, creating a harmonious overall look. Complete the style with a small shoulder bag and sneakers.

  1. Loewe: Cat-Eye Sunglasses
  2. Sea: Gaida Braided Ribbed Wool-Blend Sweater
  3. Stella McCartney: Faux Leather Straight-Leg Pants

Glittered sneakers

In this outfit, we combined flared black trousers with an oversized blazer and black glittered sneakers. Although only black and white colors prevail in the clothes, different fabrics and structures look visually interesting.

  1. Alexander McQueen: Glittered Leather Exaggerated-Sole Sneakers
  2. Saint Laurent: Double-Breasted Wool Jacket
  3. Chloé: Rave Leather Flared Pants


In this article, we illustrated different ways to wear black pants.

With a wide range of styles suitable for different occasions, we have inspired both dressy and casual looks. By carefully selecting accessories and fabrics, you can elevate your black pants outfit and express your unique style.

Featured image by Cottonbro Studio.

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