Best Sneaker Ball Outfit Ideas: The Complete Guide

Sneaker balls have become increasingly popular, offering a perfect blend of elegance and comfort for attendees looking to dance the night away without compromising their style.

Finding the right outfit for such an event can be a daunting task. But worry not, as we’ve got you covered with an ultimate guide to sneaker ball dresses.

Below you will find different sneaker ball outfit ideas, starting from gowns to semi-formal attires.

Short Summary

  • Create a stylish sneaker ball look with elegant dresses, bold colors and unique patterns.
  • Accessorize your outfit for an elevated ensemble with jewelry, belts, and bags.
  • Select the perfect sneakers by considering color and coordination, and comfortable fit.

Elegant Sneaker Ball Dresses

Sneaker balls are an excellent opportunity to showcase your style while adhering to a semi-formal or formal dress code. There are plenty of elegant dresses that can be paired with sneakers, creating a stunning and comfortable look.

In this section, we will explore various styles of elegant dresses for a sneaker ball, including long gowns, midi dresses, and A-line styles.

Long Gowns

Long gowns offer a chic and comfortable sneaker ball look when paired with sneakers. You can also add cropped outerwear to enhance the look and maintain the elegance of your formal attire.

When choosing a floor-length gown for a sneaker ball, keep in mind that the length of the skirt should not obscure your footwear. With the right gown and sneakers, you can achieve a perfect balance between elegance and comfort, making a lasting impression at the event.

As our example, we combined brightly colored gowns with white gold, gemstones and diamond jewelry. Please note that the sneakers also feature a similar light glitter embellishment.

  1. Solace London: Iyana Bow-Embellished One-Shoulder Green Satin and Crepe Maxi Dress
  2. Yeprem: 18-Karat White Gold Emerald and Diamond Earrings
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glitter-Embellished Leather Sneakers
  1. Huishan Zhang: Nicolette Tiered Ruffled Tulle Dress
  2. Garrard: Catherine 18-Karat White Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Tiara
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glitter-Embellished Leather Sneakers

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses are another versatile option for sneaker ball attire, offering easy movement and a stylish appearance. With a variety of styles and designs available, midi dresses can effortlessly transition from casual to elegant.

As an example, we have created sneaker ball outfits with diverse midi dresses. The white dress is adorned with a fuchsia handbag and matching accents on the sneakers. We combined both floral and pleated dresses with gold jewelry and gold embellishments on white sneakers. Lastly, the fourth dress exudes a charming 1960s aesthetic, which harmonizes perfectly with gold jewelry and modern athletic footwear.

  1. Victoria Beckham: Scalloped Flared Stretch-Knit Midi Dress
  2. Manolo Blahnik: Capri Crystal-Embellished Satin Clutch
  3. Alexander McQueen: Crystal-Embellished Leather Sneakers
  1. Monique Lhuillier: Strapless Pleated Floral-Print Silk-Piqué Midi Dress
  2. David Yurman: Starburst 18-Karat Gold and Diamond Earrings
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
  1. Tory Burch: Belted Pleated Silk-Blend Midi Dress
  2. Yvonne Léon: Chevalier 9-Karat Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
  1. Huishan Zhang: Susan Belted Frayed Tweed Midi Dress
  2. Yvonne Léon: 9-Karat Gold and Diamond Signet Ring
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

A-Line Styles

These dresses are tailored at the waist and flare out gradually towards the hem, forming an A-shaped silhouette and can be easily paired with sneakers for a sneaker ball event.

A-line dresses can be found in various styles, such as skirts, midi dresses, maxi dresses, and jumpsuits. To style an A-line dress, consider accessorizing with jewelry, belts, and bags to complete the look.

In the first example, we paired the dress with gold jewelry and gold-decorated sneakers. In the second example, we crafted an ensemble featuring the dress and a gemstone that echoed the shade of green. To bring harmony to the second look, we opted for a pair of white sneakers.

  1. Adam Lippes: Floral-Print Cotton-Blend Midi Dress
  2. David Yurman: Pavéflex 18-Karat Gold and Diamond Necklace
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
  1. Emilia Wickstead: Adele Pleated Floral-Print Duchesse-Satin Midi Dress
  2. David Morris: 18-Karat White Gold Emerald and Diamonds Earrings
  3. Alexander McQueen: White Leather Sneakers

Bold and Daring Dress Choices

For those looking to make a statement at a sneaker ball, consider opting for bold and daring dress choices. In this section, we will explore various sneaker ball outfit ideas with vibrant colors, unique patterns, and eye-catching details.

Vibrant Colors

Choosing bold colors for your sneaker ball dress is a great way to make a statement and showcase your personality. Bright colors can range from bright pinks and oranges to deep blues and purples, offering endless options for your outfit.

When selecting vibrant colors, it is important to take into account your skin tone, the purpose of the outfit, and the overall aesthetic you are aiming to achieve.

We opted to create a vibrant color contrast by pairing a bright green gown with a fuchsia handbag and pink sneakers. In another example, we paired a striking red dress with black accessories. To add an extra layer, consider a leather or denim jacket.

  1. Huishan Zhang: Mae Tiered Ruffled Tulle Midi Dress
  2. Saint Laurent: Le 5 à 7 Mini Shantung Bag
  3. Balenciaga: Triple S Logo-Embroidered Leather Nubuck and Mesh Pink Sneakers
  1. Alexander McQueen: Asymmetric Taffeta Midi Dress
  2. Gucci: Dionysus Super Mini Textured Leather Bag
  3. Alexander McQueen: Crystal-Embellished Satin Sneakers

Unique Patterns

Incorporating unique patterns into your sneaker ball dress is another way to create a one-of-a-kind look. From bold prints to more subtle textures, there are numerous options for adding visual interest to your outfit.

We selected a multicolored gown and paired it with black accessories. The decorated handbag buckle and glittered sneakers add sophistication to the outfit.

  1. Valentino Garavani: Draped Printed Silk-Chiffon Gown
  2. Gucci: Dionysus Super Mini Textured Leather Bag
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered Leather Sneakers

Eye-Catching Details

Adding interesting details like sequins, cut-outs, or embellishments to your sneaker ball dress can create a memorable outfit that sets you apart from the crowd.

Here are some fashion tips for sneaker ball outfits. In the first example, we established a color contrast by pairing the brown-glittered dress with a vibrant green hue. It is important to select a handbag crafted from a non-shiny, monochromatic fabric, such as satin, for this ensemble. The golden details of the handbag and sneakers combine the whole outfit into a whole.

In the second example, we chose to combine a fuchsia dress with gold elements. In the third, we created a block of dark green and red colors.

  1. Bulgari: Serpenti Baia Bag
  2. Louis Vuitton: Padded Lurex Apron Gold Mini Dress
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
  1. Retrofête: Blair Sequined Tulle Maxi Dress
  2. David Yurman: Starburst 18-Karat Gold and Diamond Earrings
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers
  1. Suzanne Kalan: Audrey 18-Karat Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle
  2. Balmain: Button-Embellished Tweed Mini Dress
  3. Saint Laurent: SL61 Logo-Print Sneakers

Casual and Comfortable Dress Options

For a more laid-back sneaker ball look, consider opting for casual and comfortable dress styles. In this section, we will explore sneaker ball outfit ideas with shirt dresses, wrap dresses, and slip dresses.

These dress styles, including the cocktail dress, offer the perfect balance between comfort and fashion, allowing you to enjoy the event without feeling restricted or overdressed.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses typically consist of lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen, featuring a collar and buttons, and can vary in length. Pairing a white t-shirt dress and sneakers creates a casual yet stylish sneaker-ball outfit that is both comfortable and fashionable.

We selected accessories that create a striking contrast against the white shirt dress. A black handbag adorned with vibrant blue flowers and sparkling black sneakers were our choices.

  1. Jil Sander: Belted Cotton Midi Shirt Dress
  2. Coperni: Holographic Mini Lady Bag
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered Leather Sneakers

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses offer a comfortable and flattering option for sneaker ball attire. These dresses are typically constructed from lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen and feature a wrap-style closure that provides a contoured and comfortable fit.

When selecting a wrap dress, consider the fabric, color, and pattern to ensure it complements your chosen sneakers.

In the first example, we contrasted a fuchsia dress with silver accessories. In the second one, we combined the large print of the dress with a small blazer pattern and a white pair of sneakers decorated with gold.

  1. Valentino Garavani: Pleated Cotton-Blend Faille Wrap Mini Dress
  2. Judith Leiber: Disco Crystal-Embellished Silver-Tone Tote
  3. Alexander McQueen: Metallic Leather Sneakers
  1. Etro: Belted Printed Silk-Twill Maxi Wrap Dress
  2. Alessandra Rich: Sequin-Embellished Metallic Cotton-Blend Bouclé-Tweed Blazer
  3. Alexander McQueen: Gold-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses provide a relaxed and effortless look for a sneaker ball event. These dresses are typically crafted from lightweight fabrics such as silk or satin and feature a slip-style closure. When selecting a slip dress, consider the fabric, fit, and length to ensure it is comfortable and suits the occasion.

We paired a gray sequined slip dress with a cropped yellow satin jacket, complemented by vibrant yellow sneakers. In the next example, we chose a combination of gray and black.

  1. Galvan: Mykonos Sequined Metallic Tulle Midi Dress
  2. Rasario: Cropped Crystal-Embellished Linen-Blend Blazer
  3. Nike: Air Jordan Retro 11 Snake-Effect Leather-Trimmed Neoprene Sneakers
  1. Leslie Amon: Laurie Feather-Trimmed Crystal-Embellished Stretch-Crepe Mini Dress
  2. Bottega Veneta: Knot Intrecciato Leather Shoulder Bag.jpeg
  3. Alexander McQueen: Glittered Leather Sneakers

Accessorizing Your Sneaker Ball Dress

Enhancing your sneaker ball outfit with the right accessories can make all the difference in achieving the perfect look. In this section, we will offer tips on selecting jewelry, belts, bags and clutches to complement your sneaker ball dress and elevate your overall appearance.

With the right combination of accessories, including ankle socks and tennis shoes, you can create an ideal sneaker-ball outfit. So why not buy sneaker ball outfits and make a statement at the next sneaker ball with your stylish and sporty outfit?


Choosing statement jewelry pieces to complement your sneaker ball dress is an excellent way to elevate your overall look. From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, there are endless options for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your outfit.

When selecting jewelry for your sneaker ball outfit, take into account the color and design of your dress. Pair the cool tones of the dress with white gold jewelry, and complement the warmer hues with gold accessories. For a cohesive look, incorporate metallic elements into your sneakers as well.


Adding a belt to your sneaker ball dress can enhance the overall style and accentuate your waistline. Belts come in a variety of styles, including leather, fabric, and beaded, as well as a range of colors and patterns.

When selecting a belt or sash, consider the color and style of the dress for a harmonious look. Opt for contrasting colors in your outfit, but remember to subtly incorporate these colors into other elements such as jewelry and a jacket. Avoid matching the color of your belt with your shoes.

Bags and Clutches

Selecting a stylish bag or clutch is the perfect way to complete your sneaker ball outfit and carry your essentials. Bags and clutches come in various styles, such as tote bags, crossbody bags, and clutches, making it easy to find the perfect accessory for your ensemble.

When choosing a bag or clutch, consider the size, color, and material of the item.

Sneaker Selection Tips

Selecting the perfect sneakers for your sneaker ball outfit is crucial for achieving a balanced and well-assembled look. In this section, we will provide tips on color, style, and fit coordination, to ensure your sneakers are the perfect addition to your outfit.

With the right sneakers, you can dance the night away in comfort and style, making a lasting impression on the dance floor without having to wear heels.

Color Coordination

Matching your sneakers to your dress or opting for a contrasting color can create a standout look at a sneaker ball event. When coordinating your sneakers with your dress, consider the color, pattern, and texture of the dress, and select a sneaker color that complements the dress or neutral color such as white or black.

For a visually striking ensemble, choose a sneaker color that diverges from the dress, such as pairing bright-colored sneakers with a black dress. With the right color coordination, your sneakers will be the perfect addition to your sneaker ball outfit.

Style Considerations

Choosing sneakers that complement the style of your dress is essential for creating a unified and fashionable appearance. Whether your dress is casual, elegant, or bold, select sneakers that suit the overall aesthetic of your outfit.

For example, when selecting sneakers for a casual dress, consider comfort and relaxation, opting for sneakers in neutral colors like white or black that will coordinate with multiple ensembles.

Pay attention to whether your sneakers would complement the whole outfit better with silver or gold embellishments. Matching colored sneakers with an entire outfit is more difficult. In some cases, you can even wear white sneakers for a clean and minimalist look.

Comfort and Fit

Prioritizing comfort and fit when selecting sneakers for a sneaker ball event is essential, ensuring you can dance the night away with ease. When selecting sneakers, consider features such as cushioning, arch support, and breathability, and ensure the sneakers are neither too tight nor too loose.

It is also advisable to break in your sneakers before wearing them for an extended period.


In this article, we discussed different sneaker ball outfit ideas. Finding the perfect sneaker ball outfit is all about balancing style and comfort. Enhance your dress by pairing it with either silver or gold jewelry. Create contrast by incorporating accessories like a handbag, belt, or purse in complementary colors. To complete your look, select sneakers that echo the elements of your outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dress code for a sneaker ball?

At a sneaker ball, it is important to find out the dress code. For a formal event, choose gowns and cocktail dresses, and for a semi-formal or informal event, shirt dresses, wrap dresses and slip dresses will be a great choice.

Do sneakers look good with dresses?

You can create fun and comfortable sneaker ball outfits with a dress and sneakers. The key lies in coordinating the colors of your dress and sneakers. The simplest choice is to pair it with either white or black sneakers. Alternatively, you can opt for sneakers embellished with metallic accents, which you can complement with jewelry.

What is a sneaker ball gala?

Sneaker Ball is a unique fundraising event where guests come dressed in formal attire with casual shoes, to have an evening of fun and to support Change Our Future’s programs and initiatives.

What types of dresses are suitable for a sneaker ball event?

Long gowns, midi dresses, A-line styles, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, and slip dresses are all suitable for a sneaker ball event.

What accessories can enhance my sneaker ball outfit?

Add a touch of sparkle to your sneaker ball look with statement jewelry, a belt or sash for definition, and a stylish bag or clutch.

Featured image by Tosin Babarinde.

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