Winter Party Outfits: How to Look Stylish and Stay Warm

Winter parties are a time for celebration, fun, and, of course, looking fabulous despite the cold weather. But striking the perfect balance between style and warmth can be a challenge.

We have gathered the ultimate guide to help you create winter party outfits that will make you stand out while staying warm and cozy.

Key Takeaways

  • Layer lightweight and breathable clothing for warmth at winter parties.
  • Choose wool, faux fur or cashmere coats to create a stylish look.
  • Accessorize with hats, gloves and statement jewelry for an elevated ensemble.

Layering Techniques for Winter Parties

Creating winter party outfits that provide optimum warmth without sacrificing style requires clever layering.

For indoor parties, consider lightweight and breathable layers like silky long-sleeve blouses paired with velvet wide-leg or flared pants. Adding an extra layer like a knitted vest or a blazer will protect you from the winter chill. For outdoor events, opt for a solid-colored turtleneck, wool pants, and a coat with lining to achieve a fashionable and warm look.

When aiming to stay warm in cold weather, considering loose-fitting attire is beneficial. Clothes that are too tight can restrict airflow and insulation, making you feel colder. So, opt for a more relaxed fit to promote insulation and circulation, ensuring you stay comfortable while enjoying the winter festivities.

We have created outfit examples featuring a blazer. In the first ensemble, we opted for a sophisticated gray and red color palette. For the second look, we aimed for a more edgy appearance by pairing an oversized blazer with a bodycon dress and accessorizing with a clutch.

  1. Alexander McQueen: One-Shoulder Ribbed Wool and Cashmere Peplum Sweater
  2. Officine Générale: New Sophie Pleated Wool Wide-Leg Pants
  3. The Attico: Glen Shaded Jacket
  1. Alaïa: Oversized Woold-Tweed Blazer
  2. Alexander McQueen: Four Ring Clutch
  3. Dion Lee: Cutout Ribbed-Knit Midi Dress

Choosing the Perfect Winter Coat

For a party, choosing a classic-cut coat such as a knee-length or long wool coat with an accented waist is a smart choice for women. It’s wise to invest in good materials like wool, including varieties like Cashmere, as the thicker and more natural the material, the better the warmth and quality.

Don’t overlook the importance of lining, as it adds to the comfort and fit. Such coats blend well with party dresses and other apparel, ensuring you stay stylish and warm throughout the event.

Alternatively, opt for a faux fur coat to achieve a sophisticated and rich aesthetic while making an ethical and often more affordable choice.

In our illustration, a luxurious burgundy coat adds an extra layer of warmth to a simple black sweater dress. The addition of gold accessories evokes a festive Christmas atmosphere. Alternatively, you can choose a faux fur coat.

  1. Givenchy: Open-Back Knitted Maxi Dress
  2. Alaïa: Oversized Wool and Cashmere Coat
  3. Sabbadini: Geko 18-Karat Gold and Diamond Earrings
  4. De Mellier: The Cannes Metallic Bag

Sweater Dresses: A Chic and Cozy Option

For winter parties, sweater dresses present a versatile option, as they can be easily accessorized with leg warmers and boots for extra warmth and style, or paired with a sheer long-sleeve top for a chic look. For a Christmas party, consider wearing a sweater dress with red or burgundy accessories.

For those living in particularly cold regions, consider adding a layer of warmth by wearing a bodysuit or thermal clothing underneath your sweater dress.

We chose a gold and burgundy color palette for the Christmas party outfit.

  1. Giuliva Heritage: Susanna Mohair-Blend Maxi Dress
  2. Bulgari: Serpetine Mini Tote
  3. Paris Texas: 100 Croc-Effect Knee Boots

Embracing Textures and Patterns

Experimenting with various textures and patterns in your winter wardrobe can lead to the creation of unique winter party outfits. This season, velvet is making a comeback, making a velvet blazer or pants a stylish choice for winter party outfits.

Leather pants are also an excellent option to consider for your winter party outfits. They can be paired with a variety of tops, but for a winter party, consider pairing them with a soft knit sweater or a faux fur jacket for a cozy yet stylish look.

In addition to textures, consider incorporating patterns like sequins and plaid into your winter party outfits. Some ideas include:

  • Adding a sequin top or dress to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your look
  • Pairing a plaid skirt or leather pants with a solid-colored top for a classic and timeless appearance
  • Mixing and matching different textures and patterns

In the first ensemble, we chose a vertically striped long sweater dress and created a contrast with gold and green accessories. In the second, we combined wool elements with leather.

  1. Rebecca Vallance: Aisha Cutout Striped Lurex Gown
  2. Suzanne Kalan: 18-Karat Gold Emerald and Diamond Earrings
  3. Bulgari: Serpetine Mini Tote
  1. Resistol: Grand Cowboy Hat
  2. Alexander McQueen: One-Shoulder Ribbed Wool and Cashmere Peplum Sweater
  3. Nodaleto: Bulla Babies Mary Jane Pumps
  4. The Row: Berth Leather Maxi Skirt

Semi-Formal to Formal Winter Attire

Achieving a sophisticated and comfortable look at semi-formal and formal winter events often involves wearing long-sleeved tops, turtlenecks, and suits with velvet and silk accents. A satin maxi dress paired with a suitable coat or jacket, as well as appropriate shoes and accessories, is an elegant option.

We created a semi-formal black and white attire and paired it with burgundy accessories. For the formal ensemble, we chose a dark green dress in combination with a white clutch and pumps.

  1. Alaïa: Metallic Ribbed-Knit Turtleneck Sweater
  2. The Row: Berth Leather Maxi Skirt
  3. Alexander McQueen: Four Ring Red Clutch
  4. Aquazzura: Purist 105 Metallic Leather Pumps
  1. Andrew Gn: Embellished Metallic Brocade Peplum Mini Dress
  2. Jimmy Choo: Micro Cloud Clutch
  3. Neous: Irena Polka-Dot Mesh Slingback Pumps

Accessorizing Your Winter Party Outfit

Adding stylish winter accessories like:

  • Wool felt fedoras or canotier hats
  • Leather gloves with wool lining
  • Silk and wool scarves of darker, richer colors
  • Statement jewelry, such as chunky necklaces, earrings, and bracelets
  1. Erdem: Crystal-Embellished Gathered Wool Sweater
  2. The Row: Berth Leather Maxi Skirt
  3. David Yurman: Carlyle 18-Karat Gold Diamond Earrings
  1. Khaite: Ula Ruffled Plissé-Tulle Blouse
  2. Alexander McQueen: Four Ring Clutch
  3. Officine Générale: New Sophie Pleated Wool Wide-Leg Pants

Boots: The Ultimate Winter Party Footwear

Offering comfort, warmth, and a fashionable look, high-quality boots stand as the ultimate winter party footwear. Leather or suede boots with a heel are ideal for winter party outfits, as they combine style, warmth, and functionality.

The most popular colors are brown and white shades and burgundy for your winter ensemble.


In conclusion, looking stylish and staying warm at winter parties is achievable with the right combination of layers, textures, patterns, and accessories. From embracing sweater dresses and velvet blazers to accessorizing with statement jewelry and choosing the perfect pair of boots, these tips will help you create winter party outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to a party in the winter?

For a winter party, wear layers of texture such as wool, velvet, silk, faux fur or leather. Color options like browns, whites, burgundy, and emerald are timeless and elegant. For a more glamorous look, consider incorporating elements with metallics and sequins.

Silk blouses, corduroy or wool trousers, blazers, and sweater dresses are excellent choices. You can also opt for cocktail dresses and gowns.

How should I dress for a winter banquet?

Should choose a full-length formal gown, gloves, a stylish clutch bag, and elegant jewelry. Create an extra layer with a faux fur jacket or coat.

What are some ways to style a sweater dress for a winter party?

Style a sweater dress for winter by pairing it with boots for warmth. Create an extra layer of warmth with a wool jacket or coat.

What textures and patterns can I experiment with for winter party outfits?

Spice up your winter party outfits with luxurious textures like velvet, silk, leather, and faux fur, and unique patterns like sequins and plaid.

Featured image by David Lyutov.

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