13 Best Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas for the Winter Season

Sweater dresses are the perfect piece for fall and winter. They’re incredibly versatile and easy to style, so you can wear them almost anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a casual outfit or something more dressed up, these styling tips will help you create an effortless look.

We created 13 stylish sweater dress outfit ideas and will be exploring the most fashionable trends of 2023.

How to style a sweater dress?

1. White Sweater Dress with Green

To achieve some of 2023’s most in-demand trends, we have artfully combined some key pieces into this timeless outfit. Our look features a white long sweater dress that is paired with a khaki jacket and over-the-knee green suede boots. The aesthetic incorporates two fashionable trends for this season: green hues in conjunction with waist definition from the jacket.

  1. Alexander McQueen: Belted Wool and Cotton-Blend Green Gabardine Jacket
  2. Gabriela Hearst: Luisa Ribbed Wool and Silk-Blend White Maxi Dress
  3. Gianvito Rossi: 100 mm Emerald Suede Over the Knees Boots

2. Knitted White Sweater Dress

The second outfit incorporates another trend of 2023 – a white knitted sweater dress. We combined it with burgundy smooth leather knee boots and added visual interest and harmony with bright details and a gold-decorated white and beige handbag. The heel of the shoes and narrow toes visually lengthen the legs.

  1. Gucci: Ophidia Textured Printed Coated Canvas White and Beige Shoulder Bag
  2. Dôen: Rosie Alpaca and Silk-Blend Cream Midi Dress
  3. Jimmy Choo: Karter 85 mm Burgundy Leather Knee Boots

3. Beige Sweater Dress and Pink Jacket

We blended the classic beige sweater dress and the same color clutch with a vibrant pink jacket. To accentuate the waist in this dress, a belt is usually employed but instead, it uses an elegant jacket to achieve this effect.

  1. Valentino: Cotton Wool and Silk-Blend Pink Jacket
  2. Polo Ralph Lauren: Cable-Knit Wool-Blend Turtleneck Beige Midi Dress
  3. Saint Laurent: Sade Quilted Beige Leather Clutch

4. Sweater Dress in a Color-Block Combination

This tan slightly oversized sweater dress is accentuated at the waist with a cream leather belt. This ensemble is completed with burgundy knee boots. Note that the shoes feature smooth leather, while the cream croc-effect leather belt with gold detailing adds structure and visual interest.

  1. Saint Laurent: Le Maillon Croc-Effect Cream Leather Belt
  2. By Malene Birger: Favine Knitted Tan Midi Dress (Similar)
  3. Jimmy Choo: Karter 85 mm Burgundy Leather Knee Boots

5. Sweater Dress with a Fedora

This outfit features a camel sweater dress, dark brown suede knee boots, and a beige fedora hat. To further enhance the waist definition, a belt can be used in this look as well. Color harmony is created by repeated beige colors and dark brown knee boots with a similar color stripe on the fedora.

  1. Gigi Burris: Jeanne Sateen-Trimmed Wool-Blend Beige Felt Fedora
  2. Madeleine Thompson: Yew Cable-Knit Wool and Cashmere-Blend Camel Midi Dress
  3. Christian Louboutin: Kate Botta 85 mm Dark Brown Suede Knee Boots

6. Sweater Dress in a Combination of Green and Burgundy

Step up your look with a Mushroom-hued buttoned sweater dress. Elevate the ensemble by slipping on burgundy croc-effect knee boots, and top it off with an eye-catching khaki waist-accentuated jacket for a touch of warmth.

  1. Alexander McQueen: Belted Wool and Cotton-Blend Green Gabardine Jacket
  2. Reformation: Viggo Ribbed Recycled Cashmere-Blend Mushroom Midi Dress
  3. Paris Texas: Croc-Effect Burgundy Leather Knee Boots

7. Gray Sweater Dress and Denim

The gray sweater dress detailed with sleeves adds an interesting detail to the outfit, while the white knee boots give it a cozy feel. To complete the look and add a touch of warmth, a denim jacket is added and beautifully accentuated at the waist with a belt and silver details.

  1. Lvir: Belted Navy Denim Jacket
  2. Lisa Yang: Nette Whipstitched Ribbed Gray Cashmere Midi Dress
  3. Bottega Veneta: Veneta White Leather Knee Boots

8. Whites and Browns

For this style, we selected a midi dark brown sweater dress as the foundation of the outfit. To add some contrast and visual interest, we’ve paired it with an enchanting white jacket that has been designed to accentuate your waistline. Elevate this look further by adding a dark brown shoulder bag with gold detailing.

  1. Fendi: Belted Leather-Trimmed Wool and Silk-Blend White Jacket
  2. Lvir: Cutout Ribbed-Knit Dark Brown Midi Dress
  3. Valentino: One Stud Medium Padded Dark Brown Leather Shoulder Bag

9. Dark Brown Sweater Dress with White Ankle Boots and Green Tote

This outfit features a dark brown long-sleeved sweater dress and white ankle boots. To add some color to the look, we’ve paired this ensemble with a green leather tote bag. Patent leather shoes contrast beautifully with intrecciato leather.

  1. Bottega Veneta: Jodie Teen Knotted Intrecciato Green Leather Tote
  2. Ninety Percent: Demi Metallic Ribbed-Knit Dark Brown Midi Dress
  3. Bottega Veneta: Veneta White Leather Knee Boots

10. Long Colorful Turtleneck Sweater Dress

The perfect blend of a long dark brown turtleneck sweater dress with colored stripes paired with a camel gilet can be effortlessly completed by adding on a stylish yet practical dark brown shoulder bag complete with golden accents.

This look is ideal for taking in the sights during cooler days outdoors.

  1. A.L.C.: Sutton Paneled Faux Shearling Camel Gilet (Similar)
  2. Missoni: Open-Back Metallic Crochet-Knit Dark Brown Maxi Dress
  3. Valentino: One Stud Medium Padded Dark Brown Leather Shoulder Bag

11. Bright Pink Sweater Dress with Denim

A vibrant pink midi sweater dress was matched with a stylish blue denim jacket that highlights your waistline perfectly. To top off the look, chic black knee boots adorned with gold detailing are the ideal accompaniment.

This outfit is perfect for a woman of any age, whether going out on the town or meeting friends.

  1. Alaïa: Denim Wrap Jacket
  2. AZ Factory: Ester Manas Two-Tone Ribbed-Knit Turtleneck Pink Midi Dress
  3. Gianvito Rossi: Ribbon 85 mm Buckled Black Leather Knee Boots

12. Striped Sweater Dress

This outfit is somewhat similar to the previous one, only with slightly different aesthetics. Express yourself by combining a vibrant red and purple striped sweater dress with an edgy denim jacket, finished off perfectly with a stylish small brown shoulder bag.

  1. Alaïa: Denim Wrap Jacket
  2. Paco Rabanne: Striped Metallic Knit Red and Purple Maxi Dress
  3. Gucci: Ophidia Embellished Printed Coated-Canvas Beige and Brown Shoulder Bag

13. Stylish Green

This style is one of our favorites from sweater dress outfit ideas. Indulge yourself in a luxurious ensemble of a dark green sweater dress and emerald over-the-knee suede boots. Finishing off the look is an exquisite brown beige tote bag with a vibrant green and red stripe, highlighted by gold details!

  1. Gucci: Savoy Coated-Canvas Beige Tote
  2. Reformation: Evan Ribbed Recycled Cashmere-Blend Green Midi Dress
  3. Gianvito Rossi: 100 mm Emerald Suede Over the Knees Boots

What are the essential elements to create sweater dress assembles?

Achieve the ideal sweater dress look by selecting a cozy base, then layer it up with textural and color contrasts for visual interest. To give your figure an hourglass silhouette, belt or jacket it up! Knee boots are always a great choice to accompany this outfit; opt for handbag styles like shoulder bags, totes, or clutches – they all work perfectly!

Finally round off the ensemble with statement accessories such as fedoras that give extra style to this timeless classic winter wear.

How to wear tights with a sweater dress?

Tights can be used to create several stylish sweater dress ensembles. Go for color-coordinated tights or patterned ones to add a unique touch to your look. Experiment with different textures, like velvet tights to make your ensemble even more interesting. A sweater dress can also be worn with leggings for a casual weekend look.

How to take good care of a sweater dress?

Be sure to take good care of your sweater dress so it will last you a long time. When laundering you should always turn the garment inside out and use a gentle detergent and cold water for washing. To avoid shrinkage, lay the sweater flat on a dry towel to dry. Finally, spot clean when needed using only mild soap and warm water.


We have discussed the 13 best sweater dress outfit ideas. From formal to casual and bright to muted, you can create the perfect look no matter your style or occasion.

Remember to pick a suitable foundation, then layer it up with contrasting colors and textures to create an interesting silhouette. Don’t forget accessories like knee boots, shoulder bags, and hats that will help complete this timeless classic winter wear ensemble!

Last but not least, take good care of your sweater dress by following the laundering instructions.

Featured image by Alina Matveycheva.

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