11 Best Shorts Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion

It’s no surprise that shorts are a summer wardrobe staple. From denim cut-offs to sophisticated linen styles, there is an array of options for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect weekend look or something more formal, we’ve compiled 11 of the best shorts outfit ideas to help you create stylish ensembles all season long.

How to wear shorts?

1. Tweed White Shorts

The first outfit is elegant and luxurious. We combined white tweed shorts decorated with gold buttons with a white buttoned shirt. A burgundy-colored woven shoulder bag adds visual interest. Notice how elegantly the golden accents on the shorts and handbag coordinate together.

This outfit is perfect for a special occasion.

  1. Bottega Veneta: Knot Intrecciato Woven Burgundy Leather Shoulder Bag
  2. Alaïa: Cotton-Poplin White Shirt
  3. Balmain: Button-Embellished White Tweed Shorts

2. Short-Type White Skirt

For this look, we paired a cream-colored sleeveless top with off-white shorts that have gold accents. To add some playfulness to the ensemble, we completed it with a vibrant green cardigan.

The outfit is suitable for going out on the town.

  1. Madeleine Thomson: Allegra Cable-Knit Wool and Cashmere-Blend Green Cardigan
  2. Petar Petrov: Ladio Cotton and Silk-Blend Poplin Cream Shirt
  3. Gucci: Love Parade Embellished Cotton-Twill Off-White Skirt

3. Black Satin Shorts

Instantly look fashion-forward with this timeless, striking black and white outfit. We’ve paired high-waisted satin shorts with a cropped white button-up, topped off by glossy leather Chelsea boots for an edgy finish.

This ensemble is perfect for a day on the town!

  1. Isabel Marant: Castay Black Leather Chelsea Boots
  2. Frankie Shop: Uma Cropped Cotton-Poplin White Shirt
  3. Givenchy: Black Satin Shorts

4. Black Leather Shorts

For the fourth look, we combined leather shorts with a fitted white T-shirt to create an outfit that is bold and reminiscent of the 1990s. To top it off, a light blue denim jacket was added for an extra touch of style.

This outfit is great for a casual outing.

  1. Loewe: Appliquéd Light Blue Denim Jacket
  2. Dion Lee: Paneled Ribbed Cotton-Jersey Ivory T-Shirt (Similar)
  3. Alexander McQueen: Whipstitched Pleated Black Leather Shorts

5. Casual Outfit: Yellow Leather Shorts

For this trendy look, we paired yellow leather high-waisted shorts with a cream-colored sleeveless top and white sneakers decorated with gold accents. The combination of these complementary colors creates an eye-catching ensemble – perfect for any casual outing!

  1. Jimmy Choo: Rome Metallic-Trimmed White Leather Sneakers
  2. Petar Petrov: Ladio Cotton and Silk-Blend Poplin Cream Shirt
  3. Petar Petrov: Gisa Pleated Yellow Leather Shorts

6. Formal Outfit: Yellow Leather Shorts

The polished yellow leather shorts and a white buttoned shirt are counterbalanced by the logo-decorated bag featuring striking red and navy stripes, creating a vibrant color block. Pay special notice to how the golden accents of the handbag beautifully complement the bright yellow shorts.

This outfit is suitable for both formal events and going out on the town.

  1. Gucci: Ophidia Coated-Canvas White and Beige Shoulder Bag
  2. Frankie Shop: Uma Cropped Cotton-Poplin White Shirt
  3. Petar Petrov: Gisa Pleated Yellow Leather Shorts

7. Pleated Beige Shorts

A sophisticated work look is easily achieved with pleated beige shorts, a white button-down shirt, and a light blue cardigan.

  1. &Daughter: Shea Merino Wool and Cashmere-Blend Light Blue Cardigan
  2. Alaïa: Cotton-Poplin White Shirt
  3. Alaïa: Pleated Beige Twill Shorts

8. Long Linen Shorts

We put together a classic and sophisticated look by matching light blue tailored linen shorts with a crisp white button-down shirt, paired off with timeless white pumps.

  1. Gianvito Rossi: Gianvito 85 mm White Satin Pumps
  2. Frankie Shop: Uma Cropped Cotton-Poplin White Shirt
  3. Lafayette 148: Ryerson Silk and Linen-Blend Light Blue Shorts

9. Denim Shorts

Shorts outfit ideas are unthinkable without jeans shorts. For a chic, effortless look, we paired high-waisted light blue denim shorts with an easy black T-shirt. Then to add some interest, we accessorized with a statement green woven tote. Notice how the white tones of both the jeans shorts and buttons complement the subtle pattern on the tank top for a striking display of harmony created by repeating motifs.

An outfit with denim shorts is perfect for going out on the town.

  1. Bottega Veneta: Jodie Teen Knotted Intrecciato Green Leather Tote
  2. Balenciaga: Slime Printed Cotton-Jersey Black T-Shirt
  3. Isabel Marant Étoile: Sintio Light Blue Denim Shorts

10. Floral Linen Shorts

For a perfect summer excursion, we picked a stunning white two-piece set composed of shorts and a blouse adorned with beautiful floral patterns. To finish off the look, we paired it with a stunning raffia tote bag that was embellished with white leather details for added glamour.

  1. Loewe: Paula’s Ibiza Small White Leather-Trimmed Woven Raffia Tote (Similar)
  2. Zimmermann: Jude Gathered Floral-Print Ramie-Gauze White Blouse (Similar)
  3. Zimmermann: Jude Belted Guipure Lace-Trimmed Floral-Print White Linen Shorts

11. White Linen Shorts

Craft a summery look with this ensemble of white linen shorts, a delicate silk camisole, and an eye-catching orange/red belt. Accessorize further with sunglasses in the same hues to add edge to your wardrobe. The beauty of this effortless outfit lies in its simplicity.

  1. Velvet Canyon: Motel Musa Square-Frame Brown Acetate Sunglasses
  2. The Row: Biggins Silk-Satin White Camisole
  3. Loro Piana: Antigua Belted White Linen Shorts

How to create shorts outfits?

The key to creating shorts outfits is to balance the look and create a cohesive ensemble. Start by picking your shorts, then add complementary pieces like blouses, shirts, jackets, or cardigans in coordinating colors. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and patterns – accessories such as belts and bags can also be used to add interest to the outfit.

Here are a few rules we used when creating our shorts outfit ideas:

  1. To create shorts outfits for a formal occasion, choose cotton or linen monochrome longer shorts and combine them with buttoned shirts. Blazers and cardigans complement the outfit perfectly, but they should not be longer than your shorts.
  2. When deciding on summer wear, opt for fabrics such as cotton or linen that come in a wide variety of textures and colors. For the perfect shorts ensemble, select light camisoles or tanks crafted from breathable materials like silk or cotton – don’t forget to accessorize with vibrant pieces! A two-piece set featuring shorts is always a good choice for cute outfits.
  3. Creating shorts outfit ideas is unthinkable without denim shorts (they are also a great alternative to skinny jeans). The beauty of denim shorts is that you can create either a casual, street-style look or a more dressed-up ensemble. For an effortless look, combine your denim shorts with a T-shirt and opt for sneakers or sandals as footwear. Don’t forget to accessorize further with statement bags and sunglasses – these pieces will add interest to your outfit.
  4. Leather shorts are a great way to add edge to your wardrobe. You can create a chic outfit with leather shorts, pairing them with feminine pieces such as floral blouses or light camisoles for balance.

How to style shoes to different shorts outfit ideas?

Struggling to figure out how to pair shoes with your favorite shorts looks? Here are some stylish tips for creating the perfect outfit by combining different shoe styles with any type of shorts:

  1. For casual wear, sneakers are the ideal pick. Whether you choose classic white sneakers or brightly colored ones, they will always add a cool edge to your look.
  2. For dressier shorts and suits, opt for mules or heeled sandals – these can be paired with any type of shorts including cotton, linen, and leather styles.
  3. For a summer look, slides are a perfect choice. Whether you choose a basic style or an embellished one, they always look great with shorts.
  4. If you want to add some drama to your outfit, opt for ankle boots. This type of footwear will give your shorts ensemble an unexpected edge and can be styled with both dressy and casual looks.
  5. For a formal occasion, classic pumps or loafers can be paired with tailored shorts for a smart ensemble.

How to care for different types of shorts?

Shorts come in many fabrics and materials, so it is important to know how to care for each type. Here are some tips for properly taking care of your shorts:

  1. Cotton and Linen Shorts: These materials should be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can damage the fibers of these fabrics. Hang your shorts up to dry or tumble dry them on a low setting.
  2. Denim Shorts: Denim shorts should be washed separately from other items, as the dye can stain other fabrics. Wash them in cold water and use a mild detergent – avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or harsh chemicals. Hang your denim shorts up to dry or tumble dry on a low setting.
  3. Leather Shorts: Leather shorts should be wiped down with a damp cloth and then dried with a clean towel. If the leather is very dirty, use a mild leather cleaner and conditioner, followed by a protective spray to keep them looking their best. Avoid machine washing or drying leather shorts as this can damage the material.
  4. Silk Shorts: Silk shorts should be hand washed or dry-cleaned. If you choose to wash them at home, use a mild silk detergent and cold water on a gentle cycle. Hang your silk shorts up to dry and avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as this can damage the fabric.


In this article, we discussed the 11 best shorts outfit ideas. Moreover, we went over the guidelines for styling these looks.

We also covered how to style shoes to different shorts outfit ideas and how to care for different types of shorts. By following these tips, you can create an effortless yet stylish look every time!

Remember that the key is to choose pieces that are comfortable and flattering – don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find the perfect combination for your look. Accessories are also a great way to add personality to your outfit.

Featured image by Kate Gundareva.

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